Klairs 3 Step Brightening set
Klairs 3 Step Brightening set
Klairs 3 Step Brightening set
Klairs 3 Step Brightening set

Klairs 3 Step Brightening set

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A brightening routine for dull skin with the effect of the vitamin.


Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop 35ml x1
Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin E Mask 90ml x1
Klairs Soft Airy UV Essence SPF 50 PA++++ 80mlx1
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Mini E mask 1EA + Natural Vitamin Sheet Mask 3EA


The Klairs Freshly Juiced Brightening Set is a skincare set to brighten dull skin with the effect of vitamin.


1) Vitamin Drop: Apply 2-3 drops on the entire face or darkened spots. 
2) E mask: Using a spatula, spread the e mask all over the face. 
3) UV Essence : Apply liberally 15 minutes before sun exposure and at the end of your skincare routine. Thoroughly apply to the skin.


Vitamin Effect
UV Protection 
For Sensitive Skin


Tips on how to use the Vitamin C Serum 
1) Vitamin C products are best used during the evenings rather than the mornings. 
2) Follow up with sunscreen when used during the day. 
3) If it’s the first time using vitamin C, a minor tingling may be experienced. 
*This is normal process due to the difference of pH levels in the skin and the vitamin C. It is absolutely safe to use. 
4) A slight warming sensation may be felt upon application. This is a natural phenomena that occurs as the pure vitamin absorbs into the skin. 
5) As the skin can easily be irritated, it is not recommended to apply this serum after exfoliators (e.g. AHA, BHA products) 

Please read before use 
1) Recommended to store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight 
2) For the best effect of vitamin C, please use it within 2-3 months after opening. 
3) If a slight color change occurs, the effects of the product will not be influenced. 
4) Due to the 5% vitamin C within the product, color change can occur. 
To avoid color change, please store in a dark, cool and dry place such as the fridge. 

More about Vitamin E Mask
An antioxidant network that protects the skin
1) Vitamin E becomes oxidized when active oxygen is lost by the primary defenses.
2) Vitamin C reduces the level of oxidized vitamin E to its original state and reactivates it.
3) The reduced vitamin E removes active oxygen again and prevents cell destruction and aging.
4) Vitamin C has a powerful toning effect. 

Vitamin coating for an extended hydration
Vitamin E is dissolved in oil, which provides a strong moisturizing power. 
The pudding-like texture transforms into a rich essence when in contact with the skin, maintaining the moisture for at least 8 hours.

More about the Soft Airy UV Essence 
For all skin types, low irritant daily sun essence. 
20 types of ingredients, no additives, all components EWG green level. 
A perfect sunscreen made by Klairs for sensitive skin. 
The absolute UV protection to choose, use and trust on your skin everyday.

A water-based sunscreen, that is non-sticky, light, and fresh.
With its soft, light and transparent finish the Soft Airy UV Essence protects the skin from UVA and UVB without any stickiness and white cast.

Absolute protection to UV rays, that your skin is exposed daily. 
From face, body to hands, apply it anywhere with your concerns of photo-aging. 
The texture and ingredients do not block the pores, making it more convenient and comfortable to cleanse your skin. 
By including high light stability components, high UV stability is achieved while minimizing skin irritation.

Recommended For
For those who want light, non sticky sunscreen
For those who do not like white cast 
For those who have sensitive skin 
For those who want to reapply sunscreen over the makeup
For those who do not like to apply sunscreen


Klairs, Respectful of the beauty of the environment and carries healthy values regarding the earth Simple and contains only the most necessary ingredients.