Klairs Starter Package

Klairs Starter Package

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This is a skincare routine for Klairs beginners and is suitable for all skin types. This package includes 10 products (5 full-size products, 3 miniatures, 2 sheet masks) from an unscented toner to sheet masks.

The gentle black facial cleanser is one of the new arrivals in 2021! With its creamy dense texture, it gently removes all impurities with a hydrating finish.
The preparation unscented toner is the essential oil-free version of the original facial toner and is also our bestseller. The irritation-free natural essential oils were removed from the original toner to accommodate customers who prefer non-scented products. The facial toner is great on sensitive skin as the elastic formula quickly absorbs to ensure easy layering and pH balance.

The vitamin drop is a hypoallergenic serum formulated with stabilized pure Vitamin C to treat dead skin cells, dull skin tone, and enlarged pores. The facial toner & vitamin drop both surpassed 2 million bottles in sales in 2021 and are both global bestsellers in over 40 countries.

The All-day Airy Sunscreen is one of the big new arrivals in 2022! It is a moisturizing sunscreen with SPF 50+ PA++++ that protects your skin from harsh UV Rays without any white cast. The lightweight texture and refreshing finish leave your skin without any greasiness and as it is formulated with mild ingredients, this sunscreen is compatible with all skin types and is non irritant to skin.

This set also includes midnight blue calming cream that instantly calms and soothes sensitive skin. In addition, 3 types of moisturizers are included along with 2 types of sheet masks as free gift. All products have different effects that can be used at different skin conditions. Check out each product’s page for more details!

Klairs makes sure to create products with only the most effective, necessary raw ingredients, all of which have passed the safety measures of a research lab specializing in dermatologist brand skincare. We make sure our products don’t contain components that can irritate sensitive skin.