3CE Syrup Layering Tint #GRAPEFUL
3CE Syrup Layering Tint #GRAPEFUL
3CE Syrup Layering Tint #GRAPEFUL

3CE Syrup Layering Tint #GRAPEFUL

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Cool, pure, and clean light pink that catches the eye
Clear and refreshing colors in a lightweight, dewy texture. This moisture-packed, syrup-like lip that provides a healthy glow with clear and fresh colors.

Enriched with 42% moisture, the refreshing dewy lip that applies with a lightweight texture. The clear syrupy colors create a makeup look that is full of vigorous energy.
Apply one coat for a sheer finish or apply multiple layers for a more intense color payoff.
The syrup-like texture tinges the lips with color and coats the lips with a thin and clear moisture barrier.

Available Shades:

  • #YOUTH CORAL: is a lively coral color with a bit of pink
  • #SATYFUL: is a sunset-red color, giving a bright and pure look
  • #GRAPEFUL: is a sweet-berry color like grape ice cream
  • #AFTERNOON PEACH: is a soft-peach color like the flesh of a peach
  • #ALIVE PINK: is a light pink color, giving a clean and cool look
  • #SOBER FIG: is a fig color with a romantic mood
  • #SINGLE CHERRY: is a cherish-red color, giving a pure and fresh look