57N Glacier & PHA Clean Toner 200ml
57N Glacier & PHA Clean Toner 200ml
57N Glacier & PHA Clean Toner 200ml

57N Glacier & PHA Clean Toner 200ml

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A boosting toner that provides a daily dose of clean Icelandic glacier water to exfoliate the skin and give it a balanced and natural glow.

Suitable for all skin types, even for sensitive skin. This is a Hypoallergenic keratin care toner that maintains skin moisture balance.


57°N, also known as 57-degree skincare is made and formulated in Korea. This brand focuses on a simple and minimalistic skincare routine. Products are formulated with EWG graded ingredients. 

Key ingredients:

Icelandic Glacier water 97000PPM, PHA/AHA/LHA, PH 5.5, Peptide complex, Icelandic moss extract. Approved with EWG green rating.

Why are the ingredients good for you?:

1. Icelandic Glacial Water (97,000ppm):

Mineral-rich Icelandic glacial water maintains moisture balance


Chemical exfoliants gently exfoliate dead skin cells and remove excess sebum.

PHA is the most gentle chemical exfoliant in the market that not only helps to exfoliate dead skin cells build-up, it is also suitable for daily use, gentle enough for users with sensitive skin.

3. Acidity 5.5 pH

Maintains skin's pH to it's most optimal & healthy levels. Toner not only helps with removing the last trace of residual makeup, but it also provides benefits such as maintaining good pH levels and exfoliation purposes.

4. EWG Green Rating:

All ingredients are of EWG GREEN SAFE GRADE.

What is EWG?:

EWG Ratings

EWG analyzes and rates individual ingredients according to their toxicity. ... This means that an individual ingredient might be rated a 5, but depending on how much of that ingredient exists in the product, and combined with other safer ingredients, the product might get an overall safety rating.