BB LAB Good Night Collagen 2g*30EA
BB LAB Good Night Collagen 2g*30EA
BB LAB Good Night Collagen 2g*30EA
BB LAB Good Night Collagen 2g*30EA
BB LAB Good Night Collagen 2g*30EA

BB LAB Good Night Collagen 2g*30EA

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For those who want to boost the skin's resilience
For those who want to enhance the strength and flexibility of bones

Fish Collagen: Promotes healthier skin, strong connective tissues, and sturdy bones
Dextrin: Prevents dietary fiber deficiency
Vitamin C: Helps reduce risk of chronic diseases, manage high blood pressure, and prevent iron deficiency
Beet Root Powder: Helps treat liver ailments

Includes 30 sticks
Helps increase skin moisture, elasticity, and firmness for a nourished and healthy-looking skin

[Directions and Cautions]
Take 1 stick per day with water.
1) Check the expiration date before consumption. Follow the recommended serving size and directions.
2) Check the ingredient list for potential allergens.
3) If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or on any medications, consult a health professional before use.
4) If symptoms occur, stop consumption and consult a doctor or contact customer service.


Fish Collagen(under molecular weight 1,000 Da) 1,200 mg
Contains milk, soybean
Fish collagen powder,Dxtrose monohydrous,Maltodextrine,Glycine,Seven berries concentrate powder,DL-Malic acid, Blueberry flavor,Mixed fruits concentrate powder,Beetroot powder,Vitamin C,Strawberry flavor,L-Proline,Enzymatically Modified Stevia,Silicon dioxide,Nicotinic acid amide,Hyaluronic acid mixed preparation,Hydrolyzed elastin,Sucralose,Mixedvitamin A powder,Mixed oprobiotics powder,Dried yeast

1. Why Dried yeast is contained? 
BBlab collagen contains 0.001% of glutathione(GSH) known as material to help brightening skin tone.
BBLab put it in collagen products to add material related to skin care. 

2. Intake period
BBlab collagen is food, so you should take in at least three months to experience effect.

3. Intake amount
We recommend you to have a stick pack a day, but you can have two stick packs depending on individuals.