BEUPLI LED Spot light - [Applicator Only]
BEUPLI LED Spot light - [Applicator Only]

BEUPLI LED Spot light - [Applicator Only]

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A ‘Spot Healer’ LED Spot Light that will calm down your stressed skin
An LED Spot Care Device that will soothe your sensitive skin through a short, yet intensive skin care session

  • The LED Spot Light will take care of your skin problems effectively in a short period of time to soothe your skin.
  • IR/BLUE LIGHT: Two different LED wavelengths will penetrate to within 2mm of your skin to provide optimized skin care.
  • Take care of your skin anytime, anywhere in just 30 seconds!


BLUE light Oily Skin Care :  Adjust sebum secretion before skin problem occurs to prevent skin problems + provide soothing effects and pore recovery after it occurs

IR Light Total Care: Restore the damaged skin barrier and elasticity. Improve UV resistance.


The 415nm wavelength of BLUE Light and 830nm wavelength of IR Light are combined to shoot LED wavelengths up to 2mm into the skin. It will help remove skin problems and improve your skin quickly and accurately.