BEUPLI V-fit Rolling - [Applicator Only]

BEUPLI V-fit Rolling - [Applicator Only]

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Micro-current facial massage to UP your skin, V-fit Rolling A face roller for a prettier face line with its micro-current ad diamond cutting balls.

24K Gold Plating

Increases absorption of active ingredients, reduces swelling and strong lifting

Microcurrent Massage:

- Opens up the outermost skin layer to evenly massage the deep skin layer to help improve skin elasticity

- Delivers active ingredients deeper and more effectively into the skin (effective when used with mask packs or skincare products)

Lymphatic Circulation:

- Massage the center of the forehead, around the nose, around the mouth, jawline and collarbone 3 to 5 times

- Helps to reduce swelling and manage the V-line

Diamond Cutting Ball:

- 360 degree rotating multi-angle structure with high skin adhesion

- Gold plated for safe use against allergies or skin irritation