BEUPLI Vibe clean - [Applicator Only]
BEUPLI Vibe clean - [Applicator Only]

BEUPLI Vibe clean - [Applicator Only]

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Perfect pore cleansing without irritation using vibration

0.7mm ultra-fine silicon brush + 12,000 micro-vibrations per minute = Perfect removal of fine dust, makeup residue

  • 12,000 vibrations per minute to perfectly remove contaminants from pores
  • The 0.7mm ultrafine silicone brush will clean up your pore without irritation
  • With its compact size and carefully designed shape, it will clean up every corner of your face, including the narrow areas around your nose, eyes, etc.

Vibe Clean's Vibration Cleansing:  with more than 12000 fine vibrations per minute, the Vibe Clean will shake the corneal layer of your skin's epidermis to open up the pores. In addition, the ultra-small-sized Vibe Clean will "clean up" the contaminants around the surface of our skin. removing more than 90% of fine dust to make your skin cleanser and softer than ever.

Vibe Clean's Ultra-fine Silicone Brush: The thick brush (1mn in diameter) at the top will effectively cover the T-zone that connects your nose and forehead, while the fine brush (0.7mm in diameter) will clean up the narrow areas and corners of your face to perfection.