BEUPLI Vibe Horizon Rolling
BEUPLI Vibe Horizon Rolling

BEUPLI Vibe Horizon Rolling

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A face roller that will make your makeup blend better and increase skin elasticity at once

0.3mm micro-bumps + 12,000 vibrations per minute = Better makeup quality + Better skin elasticity


  • 12,000 vibrations per min. 0.3mm three-dimensional bumps Skin elasticity, makeup quality UP
  • Massage with other cosmetic products such as face masks/ampoules to enhance skin care effect
  • Remove swelling around your face and other areas of your body with a relaxing massage

With more than 12000 fine vibrations per minute, the Vibe Horizon Rolling will shake the corneal layer of your skin's epidermis to open up the pores. In addition, the 0.3mm micro-bumps will massage your skin to help the active ingredients of other face masks and cosmetics to effectively penetrate through the surface of your skin.