Klairs Daily Skin Hydrating Water 500ml

Klairs Daily Skin Hydrating Water 500ml

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A water-like hydrating toner with no viscosity. The toner contains 45% of green tea water with calming and antioxidizing effects to soothe your skin, while also contained extract water of Calendula and coconut palm ensures in-depth hydration. This light toner can be used daily in any season on any skin type as the watery texture will be quickly absorbed into your skin. It’s also suitable to use as a toner to wash off your face at the first step of your skincare routine to even out skin texture, and its quick absorption enables you to layer it multiple times. It’s recommended to people who prefer light and refreshing toner.

Volume: 500ml
All skin types
Made in Korea


Main Features:

- Watery texture absorbs quickly and easily on the skin

- 45% Camellia Sinesis Leaf Water (Green Tea Water) and other essential hydrating ingredients effectively hydrate and soothe the skin

- pH level of 7.0


How to use:

1) After cleansing, even out your skin texture using a cotton pad soaked in the toner.
2) Layer the toner where you feel extra dry by pressing lightly with a cotton pad or the palm of your hand.
3) Continue your routine with essence, cream, and so on.


Recommend For:

  • For those with dry skin type
  • For all skin types