Olivarrier Dual Moist Comfort Cream

Olivarrier Dual Moist Comfort Cream

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A strong duo

This daily moisture cream fills the fresh, light gel texture with the deep, thick moisture of a cream.

The balanced oil-moisture ratio adjusts the excessive sebum, making the skin feel hydrated. The micro hyaluronic acid used has the smallest particle size in the world, restoring the skin elasticity with moisture deep under the skin.


Everything for you

Dual Moist Comfort Cream is balanced to give everything in a moisturizing cream. Safe ingredients, light and long-lasting moisture, and a gentle glow for radiant skin. Light as gel, soft as cream!


Glossy skin everyday

The correct balance of oil and moisture are the most important goals of basic skin care. Moisture retention in the stratum corneum produces regular keratin production and elimination, healthy skin protection, and smooth skin texture.


Super light texture

Plant-based squalane and organic glycerin are used instead of heavy oil or mat wax that other companies use. This allows for a light, long-lasting moisturizer. Micro-hyaluronic acid supplies moisture deep into the skin, and squalane and tocopherol prevent dehydration and oxidation.


Balance your pH

Healthy skin is pH 4.4-5.5, but can vary due to harsh environment and other factors. The pH 5.5 acidulous formula in Dual Moist Comfort Cream will protect all skin types, including weakened or sensitive skin.


A brilliant moisturizer

Moisturizers without adequate oil content can dry up and weaken the skin barrier, and causing excessive dryness to your skin. Dual Moist helps your skin retain an adequate amount of moisture, strengthening the skin barrier.


Safe ingredients

We create natural cosmetics that keep in mind raw material acquisition processes, safe production processes, and the environmental impact.