PERIPERA Double Longwear Cover Concealer 5.5g #03 Classic Sand

PERIPERA Double Longwear Cover Concealer 5.5g #03 Classic Sand

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Stays in place on your skin! Adheres tightly to your skin!


  • Neither heavy nor thick due to the aqua peeling system, it naturally stays in place!
  • Stays in place with highly adhesive and tight coverage! Long-lasting cover concealer perfect for sensitive skin
  • Dense and firm coverage against skin impurities with double powder containing a mixture of different particles!
  • It can be used in various ways such as covering up dark circles and skin flaws (zits) as well as a lip base depending on your skin concerns!


  • Cover up black and blue dark circles under your eyes
  • Cover up redness, zits, red spots and impurities
  • Lip coverage for natural lip gradation


  • 01 Pure Ivory : No. 17 & No. 21 skin tones - Neutral ivory that creates a rosy complexion
  • 02 Natural Beige : No. 21 & No. 22 skin tones - Bright natural beige
  • 03 Classic Sand : No. 22 & No. 23 skin tones - Medium beige with healthy skin tones