SKP: Strengthening & Repairing Trouble Skin

SKP: Strengthening & Repairing Trouble Skin

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If you are experiencing broken skin barrier because of using wrong products. 

If you having skin irritation and skin sensitivity. or if redness and acne is your primary concern. Let press reset with GD11 stemcell based technology products.

Step 1: A gel mild cleanser formulated wit low-irritating ingredients, thorouhgly cleanses away impurities and waste on skin to prevent pores clogging without stripped moisture barrier.

Step 2: A soothing ampoule that calms the sensitive and stimulated skin quickly and mildly.

Step3: Strengthens the skin barrier and prevents moisture evaporation, keeping the skin moist.

Free Gift: 

- Barulab Vegan Teatree Mask: 

Formulated with tea tree extracts, this anti-blemish sheet mask minimizes breakouts and balances oil and sebum resulting in fresh and smooth skin. Contains 1000ppm Tea Tree Leaf extract.

- Barulab Vegan Cica Mask:

It is formulated with Centella Asiatica which has calming and skin repairing properties. Allantoin stimulates skin cell regeneration to help heal and protect sensitive skin.

Made with a 100% vegan formula and a 100% natural plant-extract sheet certified by the Korean Vegan Association, produced using certified manufacturing techniques and tools.